A high Class Plastic Injection Mold Maker and Importer of Custom Molds and Plastic Injection Molded Parts from S. Korea & North Asia region.
A Highly Experienced Mold Makers working on High Class Quality, Fast Lead-time on Delivery at Highly Competitive Price at All Time.
Expanding the Operations & its Capabilities in S. Korea, our effort has never stopped in increasing our valuable customers' competition power in the market.
  SME US, SME China & SME Korea Ops. are passionate about achieving our customers' business objectives by providing innovative plastic injection molds and molded products supply chain solutions. Our value comes from experienced people managing relationships and applying unique technology to create breakthrough results.
     SME US HQ in California
     Tel: 714-540-2004
     SME China Office
     Tel: +86-431-8880-7705,
     Fax: +86-431-8604-1004
     E-mail: china@suprememold.cn
TEL : 714 - 540 - 2004 / FAX : 714 - 540 - 2048 / Email : sales@suprememold.com
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